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The cast is probably the most diverse of any dating show around, featuring members of the LGBTQ community, elderly and many folks of different ethnicities. Luke, a year-old North Carolina native real estate agent, is looking for a woman who can keep up with his active lifestyle, has a strong personality and takes care of her body. Netflix puts Luke on dates with marketing specialist Ashley 31 , real estate agent Betty 31 , hospitality PR specialist Kate 26 , copywriter Victoria 37 and Tiffany, a year-old in sales.

Gurki, a year-old who is a senior buyer for jewelry at Barneys, was married at The marriage ended when she discovered her husband cheated, and now she's single and dating in her 30s. She's looking for somebody to match her ambition and is not going to rush into walking down the aisle again. Netflix sets Gurki up with police officer Jay 36 , real estate broker Justin 34 , business development manager Rob 30 , journalist Salim 26 and senior account executive Manny Lex, 36, originally hails from Southern California and is a scenic and costume production designer in theater.

He travels a lot, and is looking for a partner who is OK with staying in. Lex dates ex-NFL lineman and tech consultant Brad 31 , asset manager Cory 33 , social media manager Jonathan 35 , event coordinator Peter 31 and Mic, a year-old head of sales. Leonard, a year-old former lawyer and private investigator, is a widower ready to find love again following the death of his wife three years ago.

The two were married for 34 years. The Bronx native is partial to a good martini and looking for a bright liberal woman who isn't going to let age get in the way. Leonard is paired up with artist Eileen 72 , retired finance banker Dianna 67 , retired teacher Gloria 68 , real estate banker Karen 54 and Lauren, a year-old semi-retired fashion correspondent. The analytic recruiter is looking for a guy who can keep up with her—both out and about and on nights in.

Her spare time includes writing historical erotica, trivia competitions and swing dancing. Sarah goes on dates with: Mila, a year-old sales associate originally from Illinois, moved to New York four years ago after her mother found out she was gay. Mila is also makeup artist and model who is looking for a passionate woman with confidence and a career who wants to start a family down the line. Mila dates fashion designer and student Nina 29 , sports club manager Christina 30 , journalist Jarry 26 , event producer Charlotte 31 and Ashley, 30, who is in mobile ad sales.

Netflix Trailer For “Dating Around” Shows Gay And Straight Singles Searching For Love

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For more information on cookies including how to manage your consent visit our Cookie Policy. When it comes to reality dating shows, I'm an old-fashioned girl. Give me a Honeymoon Suite, a few dozen helicopters, geysers of champagne, and as many near fist fights as you can fit into an hour time slot — that's just romance!

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This Valentine's Day, however, Netflix's first stab at the dating game, titled Dating Around , attempts to sell all of us on a new approach to the tried-and-true format, by replacing the typical Bachelor -esque rotation of suitors and lavish date cards with an intimate look at one-on-one meet ups in New York City. Netflix's mission to take "an honest and compelling look at the real world of dating" is clear. And they achieve it Here's the dating app for you, based on your zodiac sign. Dating Around welcomes you into its world of "will they or won't they" through a different lens than its genre predecessors.

Rather than seeing dates play out one after another, we witness one bachelor or bachelorette go on five identical dates, edited to be seen concurrently.

The Stars of Alex Strangelove Take the LGBTQuiz - them.

Each contestant meets their possible match at the same bar, at the same table, etc. The main difference is — pause for orchestral flourish — their connection.

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The ensuing get-to-know-you exchanges are packaged with gorgeous cinematography straight out of an indie romcom, twinkly lights, and a handful of probably very expensive top 40 hits. Somewhere between a nightlife docuseries and a Zales commerical, Dating Around first appears as a realistic, personal, vaguely boring, but very pretty glimpse into real-world romance.

Then things get fun.